Children And Family Dentistry

Choose a Dentist that Accepts Children and Does Family Dentistry

When your kids need dental work or teeth cleanings, you'll find two types of offices willing to take them: Ones that advertise that they accept children and family dentistry. It is important to understand the differences between a "children's" dentist and a "family dentistry" practice before choosing one.


A children's, or pediatric, dentist only works on kid's teeth. This is great for your child, but when you or any adult member of the family needs dental work, they have to go somewhere else. This is inconvenient because it makes it impossible for everyone to be handled in the same visit.


Meanwhile, a family dentistry practice accepts patients of all ages. Not only are your kids served, but also you and the rest of the adults in your family. This makes it possible to consolidate visits when it makes sense, such as when everyone needs a cleaning.